ABC approves another license


Now that DTF* is a hotbed of relentless activity, ABC doesn’t care at all about over-concentration.
In the ruling for our third and last protest hearing for Grits restaurant, Administrative Law Judge Doris H. Huebel said there is a two-prong test to determine overconcentration: crime, and the ratio of on-sale licenses to population. She determined that this census tract qualifies as over-concentrated on both counts.

However, Judge Huebel went on to say that “…an excess number of licenses in a given area is also grounds for denying an application.” But “…there is no set formula for determining what constitutes and excess number of license; rather, the overall impact of the license, should it issue, must be examined.”

“In the present case, there are 19 on-sale licenses withing 1,000 feet of the Premises. Given the nature of the Downtown Fullerton area and the variety of people it attracts daily and nightly due to its mixed commercial and residential use purpose, the pure number of licenses by itself does not appear to be excessive.”

Her conclusion said, in effect, there are so many bars, what’s one more? In other words, now that we have an overconcentration of alcohol licenses and a crime problem downtown, more bars and licenses couldn’t possibly make it any worse.

*to the party crowd, this does not mean DownTown Fullerton, but Down To F**k